Our 30 Day Guarantee

Our 30th Anniversary, Our Mission...
30 Day Guarantee

We will process and close your home loan in 30 days or less guaranteed

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we are proud to offer the 30 Day Guarantee, which means that we will process and close your home loan in 30 days or less guaranteed! It’s that simple! You provide a complete application and supporting documentation and we will have your home loan approved and ready to close in 30 days! If we don’t, we’ll pay for your appraisal and credit report at closing.*

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For 30 years, Mission Mortgage has been providing professional residential lending services in Austin and throughout Texas. We are a locally owned company with the resources of a national lender. We provide processing, underwriting, closing and funding services in-house, allowing us to complete your transaction with the fewest delays. Contact one of our loan experts below to discuss how we can assist you.
* Refinances of existing loans do not qualify for 30 day guarantee.

  • Debbie Bailey-Glenn
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS# 210088
  • Stephanie Beringer
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS# 857802
  • Dan Cryan
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS# 210004
  • Kathie Femal
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS# 209920
  • Trent Jackson
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS# 219958
  • Nelleen McCormick
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS# 209929
  • Paul J. Munin
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS #262312
  • Mike McCoy
    Senior Vice President
    NMLS# 207582