Mortgage Checklist

Organizing your documentation, statements and other information

Gathering Your Paperwork

To help you to be better prepared for the mortgage application process, we have created the following Mortgage Checklist. This list will outline the basic information that will be requested whether you apply online, on paper, by phone, or in person. For best results, please gather the listed documentation and information prior to initiating your application.

The following information will be requested during the mortgage application process:

  • Social Security Number and Date of Birth *
  • Previous Addresses (if at current address less than 2 years) *
  • Previous Employers (if at current employer less than 2 years) *
  • Income Information (pay history, etc) *
  • Monthly Expense Information (regular bills and expenses)
  • Asset Information (stocks, savings accounts, etc) *
  • Debt Information (credit card balances, outstanding loans, etc) *
  • Real Estate Owned, if applicable
  • Cash to Close Information

* denotes information needed for co-borrower also, if applicable

When you are ready to proceed, you may submit your application by using any one of the following options:

Apply Online
Print Application
Apply by Phone at 512.328.0400

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.